Rosemary + Mint

Rosemary + Mint



Fresh and bright. You know that perfect summer evening when you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen, all the windows are open, you walk outside to pick fresh herbs from your garden, while sipping on a refreshing glass of beer (perhaps a crisp berliner weisse). Unlike other herbal candles, this scent is bright and enthusiastic. Pour yourself another glass and embrace the day.


Notes: eucalyptus, rosemary, spearmint, citrus, rosemary, green, herbaceous, cedar 




Product ID: DC8MI

  • Specs

    All candles in our 8oz lineup are made from 12 oz brown beer bottles. All candles have only three ingredients so you can feel good about burning them: 100% soy wax, zinc/lead free cotton wicks, and candle fragrance oil.