Beer Glass Candle

Beer Glass Candle


A candle and a beer glass. This candle is 100% soy wax handpoured in a beer can shaped beer glass. The vessel is a brewery grade beer glass which can be cleaned out and used to enjoy your favorite beer once the candle is complete. The perfect gift for beer lovers.


This candle is currently available in the best selling Rich Mahogany scent onlyEmail hello@dickenscandles to request a different scent.


Scent Notes: fresh mahogany lumber, clary sage, bourbon vanilla, golden amber, tonka bean, and sandalwood


Visit to learn how to clean out your beer glass once your candle is ready to be cleaned out.



Wax Color
  • Specifications

    Beer Glass candles are 14 oz  of soy wax poured in 16 oz beer glasses. All candles have only three ingredients so you can feel good about burning them: 100% soy wax, zinc/lead free cotton wicks, and candle fragrance oil; colored candles include wax dye.