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With a little effort & some patience

you'll be drinking a (craft beer, coffee, etc.)

out of your Dickens Candle in no time

Before you begin: it is NOT recommended to allow wax to go down the sink/dishwasher drain. Once down the drain, wax will harden and can obstruct your pipes.


1. Place candle in freezer overnight to harden wax.

2. Remove any loose wax with a long wooden tool (e.g. chopstick).

3. Run hot tap water over wax to loosen, then remove using your wooden tool.

4. Discard wax (do NOT pour it down the drain).

5. Remove wick tab using tool, extra hot water can help if it is stubborn.

6. While still warm, wipe down residual wax using paper towels.

7. Once clean, fill with your favorite beverage and enjoy immediately :-)

If you're struggling and need some assistance

shoot me an email, I'm here to help:


Adam Dickens    

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