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Bamboo Jasmine - 7.5oz Amber Candle

Bamboo Jasmine - 7.5oz Amber Candle



Introducing the Bamboo Jasmine Scent Dickens Candle, the perfect way to fill your home with a fresh and relaxing aroma. The scent of fresh bamboo is blended with the delicate and floral fragrance of jasmine, creating a light and uplifting aroma that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're unwinding after a long day, hosting guests for a dinner party, or just enjoying a quiet moment at home, the Bamboo Jasmine scent is the perfect companion.


With its calming and refreshing scent, the Bamboo Jasmine Scent is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the natural beauty of bamboo and the soothing scent of jasmine. Treat yourself or someone special to the luxurious aroma of this beautifully crafted candle today.


Notes: fruity, dewy green, bamboo, jasmine, musk, water lilly, green moss

  • Specs

    Orginal Candle 7.5oz (made from 12 oz beer bottle) 45+ hour burn time. 4-1/2"H x 2-1/2"D

    All candles have only three ingredients so you can feel good about burning them: 100% soy wax, zinc/lead free cotton wicks, and candle fragrance oil.


    Props not included. 

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