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Upcycle Your Dickens Candle (Again) as a Plant Pot!

Reusing (or upcycling) is one of the most sustainable things you can do.

Happy Earth Day! Here at Dickens Candles, I'm a big fan of doing everything I can to protect the environment and try my best to be a good steward of our planet. So, I build sustainability into every step of my process by doing things such as upcycling beer bottles into candle containers, packaging with plant based shipping tape and sourcing renewable soy wax.

Just how upcycling beer bottles into candle containers is great for the environment... upcycling it AGAIN is even better! Instead of buying a new pot, you're giving new life to the candle bottle AND you're reducing your carbon footprint. Keep reading for the simple steps to replanting your succulent in a Dickens Candle:

1. Setup Your Planting Station

You won't need much to replant your succulent. Just head to your local plant shop and they'll have everything you need:

plant pot, plant, succulent, upcycle, candle container, upcycle candle, house plant
It's not hard to transform your Dickens Candle into a plant pot

2. Gently (!) replant

Take your time to carefully transplant the succulent:

  • Consider how deep you want your plant to sit in the candle container

  • Add enough soil to the bottle for the plant to sit at your desired depth

  • Gently remove the succulent from it's container

  • Carefully set it inside the Dickens Candle

  • Be sure to add a little soil to ensure all of the roots are covered

succulent, 2 inch succulent, upcycle, upcycled candle, house plant
2 Inch Succulents Fit Perfectly in a Dickens Candle

3. Enjoy Your New House Plant!

Give your new stylish house plant a drink of water. But don't overdo it, succulents do not like to sit in water. The candle should have enough soil to absorb a good amount of water. Wait until soil is completely dry to water again. Fertilize monthly in the growing season (usually summer). Enjoy the benefits of your new house plant: it looks great, it's in a double upcycled container AND it will naturally clean the air in your home!

Succulent, House Plant, Upcycled House Plant, Upcycled Candle Container
Add an Air Scrubbing Succulent to Your Home

4. Show Off Your Work & Get a Discount

I'd love to see the succulent you planted in your Dickens Candle. Post a picture of your reused Dickens Candle and tag @Dickens_Candles (IG, FB, Twitter) and I'll send you a promo code as a thanks for caring about the environment!

- Adam Dickens


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