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Why You Will Love Dickens Candles if You Support Local

Who doesn't love Supporting Local Businesses? I know I do, and I always make the extra effort to find my partners locally.

soy wax candles photo shoot, local photographer
Local Elmhurst Photographer, Rachel Gaeger, during Dickens Candles photo shoot.

I'm very passionate about making candles and running a small business. I'm also smart enough to know when to call an expert for reinforcement! In line with my values of sustainability and small business, I always look for local resources whenever I can.

If you've been following Dickens Candles for a while, you've probably noticed, my website got a face lift in the form of new product photos last year. Their predecessors looked very amateur -- I took one photography class in college. I finally decided it was time to hire

a local pro. Said pro is Rachel Gaeger of Rachel Lizbeth Designs. I've know her for years and she has always taken our family photos. Working with Rachel was so much fun. Most of the shots are naturally lit (just sunshine) in my home. I used some props to give the pictures more texture and context. It's really hard to look at a candle on a website and get an idea how it smells - so the props help illustrate that.

Other items I source locally:

  • Soy Wax is from a company is Illinois (I switched away from a supplier on the east coast)

  • Packaging from Southern Wisconsin

  • Bottles are collected from local bars & restaurants

  • 100% American Soy Wax - Yup, American farmers grow the soybeans (primarily in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana) that are used to make candle wax.

Have any other suggestions on how I could support local, let me know in the comments.

- Adam


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