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We are all struggling with anxiety right now, I certainly know I am. This pandemic is unprecedented and has disrupted all of our lives. We are in our homes and not seeing friends and family - I'm working from home with my wife and 3 kids. This is tough. But, let's take our anxiety and channel it to positive ways that we can support each other as a community to get through this.

At this time I'd like to offer 30% OFF your entire purchase with code "Positive"
as my small way of helping the community of people care for themselves and others during this difficult time. I hope that lighting a scented candle can be a small escape from the stress. Candles can be a great way to bring normalcy to your home, or to send a gift to a loved one who is isolated.


Please Support Local Businesses 

This is an enormously hard time for small businesses, especially restaurants, bars and coffee shops. See a list of my favorite local shops (inspired by coffee and beer of course) that need all the help they can get.

Click on the Images Below to Support These Businesses!

Order online, order take out/drive up, or buy a gift card.

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