White Birch Reed Diffuser

White Birch Reed Diffuser


The elegant warmth of wood. Do you love the way your house smells during Christmas but don’t want to be “that guy” all year round? White Birch is the perfect solution: a luxurious evergreen scent that is balanced by eucalyptus, cypress, and cedarwood. If your friends give you a hard time, just pour them another glass of wine and tell them it’s too sophisticated for them to understand.


Notes: eucalyptus, herbs, cypress, pine needles, hints of tonka beans, vanilla




Product ID: RD1WB

  • Reed Diffuser Details

    If you love Dickens Candles, then you'll definitely love these reed diffusers. The best part about these diffusers are that they fill your home with scent 24/7 with no candle to extinguish! Each set includes 10 responsibly harvested rattan reeds and 3 ounces of high quality diffuser oil in amber bottles inspired by Dickens Candles beer bottles. Each set lasts up to three months. Here's some tips on using reed diffusers: Each kit has 10 reeds, use more reeds for stronger scent; use less reeds for a subtler scent and longer life of the oil. The fragrance oil will last up to 3 months based on use. When you first put the reeds in the bottle it usually takes 48-72 hours for the reeds to absorb the oil and begin giving off scent. Flip reeds weekly (or as desired) to refresh scent. FYI, the fragrance oil is... well, oily. So be careful not to spill any. If you’re putting it on a surface you care about, put the bottle on a coaster or something to protect it.